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Vapor Maze

An android blessed with an artificial heart, capable of feeling, tries to escape the laboratory in which he was created. But this laboratory proves to be a maze, with strange doors scattered about. The key to opening them: emotions.

The game stands out for a unique gameplay inspired by the range of emotions by the American psychologist Robert Plutchik. Eight basic emotions (fear, anger, joy, sadness, boredom, disgust, envy and surprise) that react to the stimuli offered by the world and open up new possibilities.

This is a prototype. The project was initially called "Education of an Android", the page still exists if you want to see the difference. Education of an Android

Thank you.

Romain Courtois,

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♫ Music by Omar Aloulou


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I really want more games that explore the narrative concept of androids in more of an emotional way and I think what you got here can really become that. Great job polishing it up and please, PLEASE turn this into a full game. And it to be the best it can be even if I have to wait.

I don't know why but the Mac version of this game doesn't work )^:

I'm really sad... I loved the original and wanted to play this one too!


Congrats on the demo, it's a very interesting concept, there is a lot of potential.

I have one suggestion, maybe you could use keys to select the actions, using the mouse kinda take you away of the game, using just a key would be easier and faster, and the player wouldn't have to think about where he needs to press.

Cool demo, has a lot of potential, got me intrested. I dig the visuals, and sound!

Really enjoyed this demo! I love the concept and would love to play an expanded version! I also really like the visuals and the sound effects.

The demo was pretty cool, would be interested in playing the final product!

Looks very interesting, love the visuals and audio. But I hope there will be a better mechanism to perform actions than choosing from a menu, for example keyboard shortcuts. Looking forward to the full game!

I really enjoyed the demo - I can't wait to see what an expanded game looks like!

I did a video on the game, with some more thoughts, if anyone wants to watch:

Very interesting and funny video, thank you !

Thanks Romain, that's great to hear. I would love to do a longer let's play of this game (if/when it is completed) if that's ok?

Hello, friends! Nice work :) How to contact you by email or maybe on FaceBook?

Very interesting and fun game! I love the element of requiring a certain emotion to open the doors. Can't wait for the rest of it!


Thank you!

Good idea, i like the game. i'll make a video

Cool, hurry to watch it : )

Great game!


Thank you !

Extremely beautiful sound and art! I'd say you made an excellent tutorial there as well.

(coverage starts at 7:58)

Exactly : ) Thanks for your video !

For few minutes, this demo brought me somewhere else, somewhere new but that felt weirdly familiar. I think the best games are about a feeling, so I really enjoyed this one.

I really appreciate, that's exactly my goal as an artist.

I really enjoyed this demo. It has alot of artistic apeal and I enjoyed the concept of being a robot that has a heart. Keep up the good work!

I am very flattered ! Thanks : )

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Very cool concept. Games where you manage the emotional state of the player character are a pretty rare, so if you manage keep it this elegant in the full game then I can easily see this idea being very copied very fast. I can't wait to see where you take it.

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Very nice comment. Thank you very much. This stage of the demo is just the beginning, a way to introduce the concept.

I tried both versions, this and Education of an Android. The improvements are amazing! I liked the wasd movement but mouse-movement is easier, not to mention having the commands near the heart was a cleaner use of space. The graphics here are amazing; in fact the movement cycle is very fluid. I like the synthetic heart image from Education but the health bar system here is a snap to grasp. I encountered a small bug here when I accidentally contemplated an object twice. This led to a small glitch where the screen kept flashing and making noise like it was still loading Joy. I was able to keep playing but instead of contemplating the other setting Joy to Null, it went straight to Sadness. Good luck with development of this game! It's a wonderful idea and the demo is tantalising.

Thank you very much! I prefer wasd movement too. I plan to change with platformer commands and a unique "E" button for interactions, Limbo like, in order to integrate more actions perhaps.

Will see this bug too