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Seems really promising. But, and maybe it is just on my device, I have to click and hold the mouse to move the cursor, which is really annoying. Music is great and this has lots of potential.


No android?


This game is awesome, I love the style of all of it and how you move about the game, it really puts you in the android's shoes. I hope this game gets finished!

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I think this game is great.

I will download it on my PC tomorrow :)

big no homo

I hope you finish this :D loving the concept and the colors

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Okay, thanks for the very short demo, where do i go to find the rest...?


where can i buy/play the full game?

Yeah that was short ! xD

I think i let me see enough of it though.

And I like the concept. I'm not much into point and click usually, I'm very found of SF however.

The subject of android/A.I earning their autonomy is very interesting and immerse me into the gameplay.

It pleases me and I hope to see more of it. Enjoy your project :)

I'll try to give you a coin when I'll be able to do so !

Both 32-bit and 64-bit builds for Linux can't be run due to them being broken or incomplete. Looking into the files, there seems to be no executable.

This was short which isn't such a bad thing but, there were some elements that I thought you could interact with. Like the chair he woke up in and, the couch all the way over. Was hoping for a couple different options but, this is still a great  demo!


Can't wait to see more! <3

Love the style and concept!!


Wow! Amazing conecpt and game style! Very cool!

This is such a facsinating concept! It really made me think. I made a small gameplay video and this game had me getting a little philosophical at the end but it was truly amazing. I was bummed that it was so short but I'm looking forward to seeing more from this game! 

Maybe update the version of NW.js? On Ubuntu 64-bit I'm getting "Error loading", so by tweaking LD_LIBRARY_PATH I'm able to run with the shipped version of libnw. However, I then get the error, "Failed to load /home/matt/Downloads/education/nw_material_100_percent.pak" leaving the game unplayable.

like the pixel art

Hey what Game Engine did you use?

PS: Great Game!

It is pretty interesting the way it plays and what it proposes! I stand intrigues by what's upcoming !

I love it..

Aaa I'm very anxious to play it full, only the demo is already incredible, I loved this game <3 plss

I don't suppose the prototype will be available again for download?

I simply forgot to reupload it, now it's available. :)

Wonderful! Thank you very much.

You welcome : ) Did you try both versions ? Education and the last one, Vapor Maze ?

I did. I just left a coment on Vapor Maze with a few comparisons and a small bug I encountered. Again, thanks for making avaliable this version. The differences between stages in a game's development can be quite fascinating.


I was so bumped out when I found out the game was pretty short, cause it seems like such an amazing concept. I absolutely loved the experience and can't wait to visit this game again later in it's development cycle :)

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Really neat concept with the emotions, it could really be something special !

I think the addition of "music" and sound effects really adds much to the atmosphere and helps getting into this "proof of concept" demo.

Was surprised that the new version is actually shorter than the original ? The game ends when you get out of the lab ?

It's great that you updated the game to have an HTML5 makes testing and feedback way easier.

Nice Job man and I'm looking forward to see the game grow :)

P.S : Since we can use keyboard to move around would be nice to have shortcuts like L for look, A for admire and such. And also to skip dialog via keyboard. Think of the poor souls like me who use a shitty trackpad :)

This is a super cool game so far. When are you planning to release the full version? Do you have a release date set yet?

Thank you very much. Don't have a release date yet. Fall 2017 perhaps.

Okay, thanks!

I tried to download the Mac version, but after opening the .rar file I wasn't able to open the game, as I got a pop-up saying it's broken or incomplete?

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Ok sorry about that,

I uploaded a new file, can you tell me if it's working ?

I tried it out, and this time the popup just said "The application "EducationOfanAndroid" can't be opened"

Your OS is 64 bits ?

It is a 64 bit OS, yes

You can play online now if you want. I just put an HTML5 version.

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Thank you very much! :D

Edit: I just played through the demo and I love it! I can't wait to see what the rest of the game will be like! :D

You are welcome, and thank you for your nice comment on Twitter ; )

Hello! I wonder how to contact developer by email or maybe on FaceBook? :)

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